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It is no secret that Instagram has experienced a rapid rise in popularity in recent years. The number of people utilizing this platform for increasing their visibility, improving their outreach, and becoming more popular continues to increase.

With the increasing number of users on this platform and the highly restrictive rules, it can be somewhat challenging to find the best content on this platform.

Piknu, on the other hand, is one of the Instagram tools that makes the appearance more and more frequently.

With time, this tool has gained quite a lot of popularity and this is largely due to the ease of using it and the overall layout it features. If you want a simple tool to view Instagram photos on web browsers, then this one is for you.

What is Piknu?

You can use this app to explore Instagram content on the web because it is the best Instagram web viewer available.

In any browser, you simply type the user name in the search bar and you are ready to explore Instagram content. You will then be able to see what the desktop version of Instagram has to offer.

It is normal to be able to find plenty of accounts that have the same name as what you’re searching for, so all you have to do is pick one.

You will have to enter the URL “Piknu.com” directly into the search engine rather than using the keyword “Piknu” to locate the site.

When you try to search using Google without including “dot com” you will almost certainly end up clicking on malicious sites. It is a very helpful tool to use if you want to see every feature of an Instagram post whether you are using a smartphone or a desktop computer.

Additionally, you do not have to log into your account to use this tool. If you wish to view a specific photo, just click on it without anyone knowing that you are doing so.

How does it work “Piknu”?


In case you were unaware, Instagram is mainly a mobile application that is primarily linked to the mobile phone.

There will likely be restrictions on the website version of the app, even though you can access the accounts and pictures through the web.

Fortunately, there are many tools like Piknu that you can use to view Instagram on a web browser. If you are searching for a specific picture, an account, or even a hashtag that you have been looking for, you can easily find it here without any restrictions.

I’ve discovered that the Instagram plugins will not work on private Instagram accounts and only work for public Instagram accounts. In other words, please keep in mind that you should only use them on public Instagram accounts.

The algorithm of Instagram is extremely strict and they are very concerned with making sure that the information of their users remains private. The accounts of those users would not be able to be accessed since they are private.

Using the search function you can see pictures, hashtags, and popular photos, and you can also search for users on the web.

Also, the app lets you upload photos from your desktop straight to Instagram without having to go through any hassles whatsoever.

The website has pretty simple features, and there are no complications with the design of the website.

If you type in the search bar, you will be able to type in the name of the photo or account you wish to explore and the tool will automatically find it for you.

Is it safe to use Piknu?

It has always been a myth among people regarding the safety of Instagram web viewer tools. There has always been a perception among people that it is not safe to use.

There is no need to worry when using this application since it does not record any information about your details.

It will only take you a brief moment to open the web page and click on the item that you want to buy. This is an extremely simple process. Unless otherwise specified, all information you input into this website is encrypted, so no further questions should arise.

Piknu Alternatives

You can find some platforms that can be described as Instagram web viewers. A good example is piknu.

Each of these sites works in the same manner, so any user can view millions of photos through the web account without the need to have an Instagram account.

Even if you don’t have a mobile phone and happen to own a computer, you can still use those platforms to get an idea of what’s trending all around the world.


The best place to view and download Instagram stories anonymously, secretly, and privately would be by using storieswatch.com. You have no choice but to use the search bar as the only interface. It may not look like much, but it will serve its purpose well.

With the help of storieswatch.com, you can easily find Instagram users’ stories by entering their usernames into the search bar.



The website insusers.com comes with an amazing feature called Instagram Gremlins, a way for you to explore Instagram at your convenience. Platforms such as this provide you with a list of popular trending hashtags in real time, which can be very helpful.

If you wish to see hashtags that are in popularity, you can directly choose one from the list and click on it. Alternatively, you could enter your username in the search bar and then look for anything you want.

It is very easy to classify the platform into top-ranked users, top media, and top hashtags based on the ranking of the users.

One main advantage of the platform is that it will show you a detailed report on who is not following back on Instagram and who is not following you back on Instagram, and you can then make informed decisions.


You may also search for Instagram users on Instaxyz, which is another platform that allows you to do so.

With Instaxyz, you’ll be able to browse Instagram web pages securely and rapidly. With Instaxyz, you’ll be able to manage and browse Instagram web pages with ease. It doesn’t offer any categories or hassles, so it’s just a search bar and users who are popular.

Thepicgram. com

There is an online tool called Thepicgram, which allows people to analyze Instagram profiles, hashtags, and popular accounts to help them decide what to do next.

The tool can be used to anonymously view images, videos, stories, and biography of any Instagram account, instantly.

The homepage of the platform displays your most viewed Instagram account at the top of the list. It is a secure platform that provides high-quality features.

It is important to note that the platform updates at regular intervals of hours and keeps you fully informed. There are hundreds of thousands of people who visit the picgram every day.

Instorygram. com

There is something very beautiful and captivating about Instorygram. From the moment you enter the platform, you feel captivated and mesmerized.

There is a search engine here that will let you find people, hashtags, posts, or any other information you need.

Moreover, you can share the story viewed on other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc. You can see which keywords are trending by using the platforms.

It is really simple to use. You can find a lot of categories on the platform, such as travel, cars, home decor, beauty, and so on. When you click on a category, it will open up all the articles and posts related to that category on your screen.


Is there someone who has blocked you? If so, would you like to see their posts and photos? It looks like you have found the right spot. It is possible to see the pictures of anyone at any time with the assistance of Privatephotoviewer.com.

It works as follows: You connect to the Instagram server, it processes your request, and it finds the profile you wish to see.

Then, it links you to the Instagram database and it shows you your uploads and pictures. It may happen that from time to time you will have to pass through a bot detection system to verify that you are indeed human.


You can now surf, view, and download pictures, videos, and other media from Instagram in a brand new way. The app can display information about those people who straightforwardly follow you.

Through this app, it will be easy for you to keep track of those who follow you. With the assistance of Instagram.com, you can view photos, posts, videos, and other media from the user.

By using the right color combinations on the website, the user interface is appealing to look at, which matters to keep users interested in the site.

Visit Instagram. com to find any user, access popular images, download images, view all the images tagged with a particular hashtag, and much more.

Why is Piknu down?

! The reason why piknu is not working for many people and they would like to know why this is so.

No one has told us the reason why it has been down and it is not known what the cause is. There may be a few reasons for the downtime of this tool, including privacy-related concerns or other issues of a similar nature.


One of the best Instagram viewers and story viewers, Piknu has recently become unavailable and does not appear to be available for the time being.

The reason for its downtime is not known due to the lack of a source on it to be based upon. It is highly recommended that you use the above-mentioned alternatives if you wish to see the private Instagram viewer.

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