How to show Ads on Websites, if you’d like to show your Ads on Certain Sites

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Whenever you display an ad, you make some predictions about how to proceed. If you’d like to show your ads on certain sites, how should they be added?

Adding those websites to your ad is the obvious solution. It’s just a matter of where to put them. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Keywords
  • Topics
  • Placements
  • Audiences

What are the best ones to choose from? You can add these websites as Placements if you’d like your ads to show on certain sites across the Internet.

You can place advertisements on YouTube or on the Google Display Network depending on where they appear.

In addition to websites or specific pages on websites, mobile apps, video content and even individual ad units are all placements.

In Video and Display campaigns, placements can be added to ad groups. Placement targeting allows you to choose specific placements on YouTube and the Display Network to run your ads.

Put the location of a particular webpage or website, such as a travel website, on your placement list if you sell travel packages. Think about adding a placement on a site you know your customers visit.

Your bid may be increased for just one specific site if you find that advertising on that site works well and you want to get more exposure. If another placement is not converting as well, you might want to adjust your bid.


“Placements” allow you to target certain websites on the Internet to appear in your ad. Your ad is displayed on the websites that you choose. With Managed Placements, for example, you can choose what sections of the Display Network your ads appear on.

The placement options in Display Networks include entire websites, subsets of websites, a single ad unit on a single page, videos, mobile apps, etc.

Managed placements to ensure ads appear at specific places. As a result, Google will automatically display relevant placements to you based on the keywords you enter.

What are Placements?

Placements, otherwise known as your Google Display Network ads, are what you must be familiar with by now. It is possible to customize where you want your ads to appear.

In addition, Google can show you ads that are contextually and behaviorally targeted, or shows related keywords automatically.

The Managed Placement method involves customizing the settings for your ads. Using placement and targeting to place your ad on specific websites on the Internet is one of the best options.

Through video, podcasts, apps, and any other online content your potential customers consume, you can reach them.

Managing your websites individually is the most important thing. Incompatible websites or apps should be excluded from your business.

Certain ads may appear completely out of place and absurd based on the content of your site.

What is the procedure for adding placements?

Following are the steps you must take to add placements to your GDN. You will first need to sign in to your AdWords account. From the top, select Campaign. You will then need to select the campaign you want to edit.

Select the target button. Choose your ad group. Choose the Placements option. Specify where the advertisement should appear on the website.

Go to the Multiple Placements section at the bottom if you wish to have multiple placements for specific ad groups. Click Save and Close to save your changes.

How to edit placement?

Click the Campaign tab in Google Ads. Select the campaign you wish to edit. Select the ad group that is effective for your campaign.

Select the Network View tab. This is where you’ll find the Placement tab. You’ll find it under Managed Placements.

By clicking Pause, you can pause the placement. If you want to resume it, click the green circle. In the Bidding tab, below the maximum CPC tab, you can change the bid for placement. Make the desired changes and save.

if you'd like to show your Ads on Certain Sites

Explanation of other Options

Here are the answers to the remaining questions just to complete the picture. Keywords Placements’ drop-down list also includes an option called ‘Keywords’.

A search phrase that you enter triggers the generation of a list of keywords relating to your business, rather than a list of websites.

When Google places your ad on a website ranking well for your keyword, Google places your ad on a website that is relevant to the keyword.

Topics Using the same drop-down menu, this option provides a much broader selection based on Google’s selection of topic categories. Audiences Google Ads offers this option as its page rather than a drop-down menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do your ads appear when you advertise?

A Google advertisement will appear whenever someone searches for your product or service. Your ad will trigger to show based on the keywords or phrases you select.

If people search with the keywords or phrases you selected, your text ads appear alongside or above search results.

Can we show our ads based on audience targeting?

To connect with people who have already interacted with your business, you can target your ads with audience targeting. We call this approach to targeting warm prospects remarketing or retargeting.

What factors does Google consider when choosing its ads?

The creation of personalized ads is made possible by cookies and IP addresses. You can store information about your searches in cookies stored in your browser.

IP addresses are like home addresses because they identify where you live. This balance lets advertisers know where they live.

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