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There’s a huge player base behind Battlefield 1, so you’re probably wondering, “Is Battlefield 1 cross-platform in 2022?. If you’re an avid gamer, you’ve probably always wished you could play your favorite game on any device with your friends.

Due to the split between consoles and PCs in the gaming industry, it is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve this goal.

Regardless of the device, the Nintendo Switch bridges this gap as it allows gamers to play games wherever they are.

The storyline of this game is heavily influenced by World War I events and is set during this period. There is a question as to whether this game works on Xbox, PC, and PS4. First, let’s learn about Battlefield 1.

A Quick Introduction to Battlefield 1

 In 2016, Battlefield 1 was released as a shooting simulation game. The game takes place in a fictional world where players engage in tactical battles.

This particular game was developed by DICE, an established video game developer. Additionally, it was published by Electronic Arts.

A complete version of the game is now available on gaming consoles such as Windows PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

Playing this game is generally inspired by the events of World War 1. Game players will have the opportunity to explore the war field and the weapons used during that time.

Because Battlefield 1 is a shooting game, there will be a large number of squads present. There will be 64 players in each squad, and they will be able to interact and play together.

Additionally, there are six modes and nine maps available for play in the multiplayer option.

Many historical events are portrayed throughout Battlefield 1 to inspire the gameplay. There is no clear plan before you play the game, which makes this game more fun.

This game allows you to experience a unique gaming experience every second. Battlefield 1 is a game to discover the unknown.

You will start in pursuit of your enemy and then aim for a shot at him from a distance after some time. If we had cross-player support with this game, it would be more interesting. Is cross-player available for this game? In the next section, we will find out.

Is Battlefield 1 Cross-Platform in 2022?

There will be no cross-platform support for Battlefield 1 in 2022. Due to this issue, two players using separate devices cannot play Battlefield 1. Battlefield 1 had such a strong following that gamers wanted to play it on all gaming platforms.

The developers of many popular games impose different restrictions for each platform, which makes the games non-cross-platform. A game’s non-cross-platform compatibility may be due to many factors, including the following:

Separate Servers

It is difficult to develop a cross-platform approach since different developers maintain different servers.

Different Control Systems 

There is a difference between consoles and PCs in terms of control systems. Thus, it will be impossible for developers to implement a cross-platform in real-time.

Revenue Gap

PC gamers often buy downloadable games, whereas console players rarely do. Therefore, cross-platform gaming is difficult since developers want to maximize profits.

Legal Restrictions 

It is difficult to play cross-platform games due to content licenses being strictly arranged by the platform.

Unique Features 

There are some features in developers’ games that may not be found on other platforms. This further challenges cross-platform compatibility.

Ease of Development

The extra effort required for cross-platform development discourages many developers.

The steep learning curve of PCs keeps many gamers away from playing on them. Others claim that PCs have fewer power issues and are more comfortable with keyboards and mice.

Thus, the need for cross-platform is legit if you want to stick to your preferred platform. As developers try to work on it, we can only hope that Battlefield 1 will be released as a cross-platform game soon.

Can Battlefield 1 be played on Xbox One and PC at the same time?

Battlefield 1

Xbox One and PC users cannot play together with Battlefield 1 together since it is not cross-platform.

You will not be able to play with your friend if you own an Xbox One and he has a computer. Many players who wish to play with their friends will be disappointed by this change.

Are PC and PS4/PS5 versions of Battlefield 1 compatible?

The question has been considered for a long time. There is no cross-platform version of Battlefield 1 available between PC and PS4/PS5.

Possibly the difference in input between these devices is the reason behind this. If you and your friend want to play together, both of you need a PC or a PS4. Different platforms won’t let you play together. The PC and

Nintendo Switch versions of Battlefield 1 are cross-platform?

Nintendo Switch does not support Battlefield 1. To allow players to play across platforms, the game must be accessible on at least two platforms.

There is no Cross-Platform compatibility for Battlefield 1 since it is not available for Nintendo Switch.

Are Xbox One and PS4 versions of Battlefield 1 cross-platform?

There is no cross-platform support for Battlefield 1 between PS4/PS5 and Xbox One. You cannot play with someone if your hardware is different from their hardware.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are FPS games?

Video games that feature first-person perspectives are known as first-person shooter games (FPS). This subgenre of shooter games features a character aiming with a weapon held out in front of him. Action gameplay is the primary focus, not exploration.

How do FPS games work?

 In the case of FPS games, multiplayer is usually involved. Through different game modes, such as deathmatch, players compete for high scores and beat computers/AI.

A steep learning curve is usually associated with them due to how difficult they are to master.

What platforms does Battlefield 1 support?

You can play the game on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. The Battlefield 1 game is playable on all of these consoles.

What does cross-progression mean?

Cross-progression refers to the ability of a player to transfer his/her progress between platforms, such as by logging into another device.

As an example, if you are playing Battlefield on your PC and you log off and then log back on to your PS5 later, you will have the same game as when you quit. Players can switch from one device to another and continue playing without losing progress.


This post was about “Is Battlefield 1 cross-platform in 2022? On any of the platforms listed above, you can play this amazing game, but you cannot play with friends using other consoles. We hope you enjoyed reading it and learned a lot from it.

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