Tips to Use Incontinence Pads for the Elderly

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Some people believe incontinence is part of the aging process and has no cure. However, this is not a normal part of aging.

Incontinence is a dignity-stripping affliction that can cause severe mental anguish and social withdrawal. It is a common age-related issue among the elderly and can reduce their quality of life.

If your elderly parents have an incontinence issue, getting them incontinence pads can help them feel confident and maintain a socially fulfilling lifestyle.

There’s a wide variety of adult diaper types, brands, and absorbencies. Ensure you follow all instructions to activate a linkage barrier and prevent the incontinence pad from leaking.

This article provides tips for using the right adult incontinence products.

1. Choose the right product

There are different incontinence products designed to look and feel stylish. The sheer variety of incontinence pads can be confusing to a new wearer.

Choosing the right incontinence product depends on the person’s needs. Get the right product, keeping in mind that the type that works for others might not work for you because of different body shapes and sizes.

Differentiate between an adult diaper and underwear. Adult diapers have tabs or tape at the sides to hold the diaper, while protective underwear’s has an elastic waist in a pull-up style. 

Adult briefs or diapers are disposable, tab-style diapers that are easy to remove. They are the best when dealing with a moderate to heavy bladder or bowel incontinence level.

Disposable bed pads have no tab closures. Instead, they look like regular underwear and are best for moderate to heavy bladder incontinence.

2. Determine the incontinence level

Incontinence Pads

When buying an adult diaper, consider the level of incontinence, comfort level, and absorbency quality. If you notice signs of incontinence, determine whether it is a heavy or light incontinence issue.

The level of incontinence protection depends on your level of incontinence. If an individual has a heavy incontinence level, use an incontinence slip or pant product.

On the other hand, an incontinent pad is the best option for a light bladder leakage as it fits discreetly inside my underwear.

Only wear one product at a time, regardless of the incontinence level. Remember, thick adult diapers are not always the best.

Today you can find thin and discreet diapers that provide maximum protection from leakages. You may need to change the diaper frequently to reduce the risk of infection. 

3. Know the level of activity

A male guard is the right product for individuals with a mobile and active lifestyle. If your loved one is mobile enough to use the toilet, a pant-type diaper is more suitable as it helps them maintain independence and dignity.

If the older adult is wheelchair- or bed-bound, use the slips or belted pads. These pads make it easy to handle and change.

Alternatively, a pull-up incontinence pad is a better option if they are mobile and active. It allows maximum movement and flexibility and provides a normal underwear feel. 

The latest innovations in incontinence pads make them much more discreet and better designed to respond to an individual’s needs. Choose a product that is comfortable to wear, keeps the skin dry, and protects against leaks.

For example, the product should have a soft, gentle material on the skin. This makes it easy to prevent skin rush and unwanted odors.

4. Review the size 

Incontinence Pads

The adult diaper size is essential when using incontinence products. They are available in different variations or size charts, so choose the proper diaper size.

You also need the right material and the correct sizing of the diaper to ensure maximum comfort and freedom.  

When using the diapers, make sure you have the right size to ensure the wearer is comfortable and prevent any chance of leaks. Wearing the wrong size will risk leakage, leading to skin abrasion or odor issues.

If your loved one feels uncomfortable, check whether they use the proper size. If it’s too small and too tight, it may cause discomfort.

On the other hand, if the size is too large, it will leave gaps leading to leakage. Always choose a comfortable fit for incontinence briefs or pull-on absorbent underwear.

It’s never nice to wear something with the wrong fit, especially for personal care products like incontinence pants.

5. Determine the diaper comfort level

Incontinence Pads

Another tip when using incontinence products for the elderly is the comfort level. Cloth-like back sheets make incontinence underwear and briefs more comfortable to use.

Woven and cloth-like fabric may feel tender to sensitive skin, giving a trim fit to feel like regular underwear.

Adult diapers with plastic backing provide more protection from leakage, but they feel bulky. You may consider the non-plastic-backed diapers due to their breathability.

The breathable diapers can help reduce skin rash due to increased air circulation. They can also be cooler to wear in the summer when you’re likely to sweat more.

Be gentle when changing the incontinence products to prevent skin tears or cuts.

Ensure you check for skin redness every time you change the diaper because the skin gets thinner and more fragile as we age. Also, apply a barrier cream on the skin to prevent tears and sores.

Bottom line

Incontinence is a challenging problem for the elderly. It refers to the body’s inability to control its urination and defecation processes.

Managing incontinence can help your loved one stay healthy and infection-free while maintaining the quality of their lives.

However, managing adult diapers to handle incontinence can be uncomfortable but necessary. There is no shame in helping your loved one feel more comfortable and confident. As a caregiver, you play a crucial role.

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