What is Uipath Data Service? Step-by-Step Guide 2023

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Uipath Data Service is a cloud-based storage service that you can use to store and access your data.

You can use UiPath Data Services to store any type of data, including text, images, and files. In this blog post, we will discuss how to use UiPath Data Services to store data in your automation.

With Uipath Data Service, you can easily store and access your data from anywhere at any time. Whether you need to store large quantities of textual or graphical data, UiPath Data Services makes it simple and easy.

Additionally, UiPath Data Services offers a variety of tools and features that allow you to customize the way you store and access your data so that you can fully take advantage of its capabilities.

If you are looking for a reliable and versatile way to store your data, Uipath Data Service is the solution for you.

Whether you are working on automated processes or simply need a secure place to store your files, UiPath Data Services is the perfect tool for you.

Enabling UiPath Data Services

Uipath Data Service

If you can’t see the Data Services icon at the navigation menu positioned at the left-hand facet of the screen, make sure that Data Services is enabled for your tenant via way of means of directing to Admin, increasing your tenant, and selecting Data Services.

Create the Entity in UiPath Data Services

Uipath Data Service

Navigate to the UiPath Data Services thru the UiPath Automation Cloud and Create New Entity:

Complete the applicable fields earlier than clicking Save at the lowest proper hand facet of the page:

Uipath Data Service

Click on the entity and add the appropriate fields:

Now navigate to UiPath Studio to attach the records offerings and begin populating the entity.

Uipath Data Service

Populating the Entity From UiPath Studio

First things first… Install the Data Services library via way of means of clicking on Manage Packages withinside the taskbar. Search for the library, install and save.

Uipath Data Service

Before we are able to populate the entity, we first want to attach the entity to Studio. You can do that by clicking on Manage Entities withinside the taskbar – test the entity you need to feature and click Save:

Uipath Data Service

The entity will seem in under Entities in your Project Explorer:

Uipath Data Service

Create a brand new variable withinside the Variables pane named ‘InstrumentEntity’. You will want to reassign the variable kind to the Instrument entity. Click on Browse for extra types withinside the variable kind drop-down:

Uipath Data Service

Assign the default value of the newly created variable, InstrumentEntity, to a brand new example of the Instrument entity:

Uipath Data Service

Assign the attributes of the entity to values individually:

Uipath Data Service

Drag the Create Entity Record hobby under the project and configure the residences to create the report withinside the entity:

Uipath Data Service

Run the record and check that the method populates the entity earlier than similarly customizing your strategy:


With its powerful storage capabilities and flexible customization options, UiPath Data Service is the ideal solution for anyone looking to store and access their data securely and quickly.

Whether you need to store large quantities of textual or graphical data, UiPath Data Services has everything you need to get the job done.

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